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Our Services

E-bike and scooter repairs & maintenance. Converting an existing bike into an electric bike. Expert advice on getting the best electric bike for you, at the right price. Plus, new eBike solutions tailored to fit your comfort level.



Don’t settle for a bike that is any less than exactly what you need. Let's dream, spec, and build out your perfect new Electric Bike together! Converting a bike you already own to electric can often deliver the exact bike you want, no compromises. Putting you comfortably and safely in the driver's seat is a probably a lot more affordable than you think.



Stop. Breathe. Call us. Before you start kicking the bike. While an Electric Bike may look like a bike, it's a lot more powerful, and the source of that power adds a level of difficulty to repairs. This is what we do every day. Let us help.

SPOILER ALERT:  Annual E-bike maintenance can often mitigate the risk of costly repairs and extend the life of your bike. 


Our partnership with local manufacturer of premium electric batteries, Bicycle Motor Works, enables you to capitalize on all the benefits of using local resources to build exactly the bike you want, with support close at hand. Click the link below to visit Bicycle Motor Works and discover how easy it can be to empower your transit locally.



Thinking about purchasing an electric bike but unsure of what you actually need? We can help. An expert in the field of light electric vehicles (LEV's), Chris has a way of defining and refining what you need as well as what you don't based on, well, you. Removing uncertainty from the selection process as well as providing an invaluable roadmap to all the places you can go.




This is after all, the general service section. And, while this is absolutely our business, our obsession with transportation began more as a matter of the heart. We passionately believe that equitable access to transit should just be a given. And, provided in a way that reduces our ecological footprint. Electric light transit offers an amazing alternative method of transportation that could not only significantly reduce our environmental footprint, it could also level the playing field, providing a higher quality of living for all. Learn more about what Chris thinks at EquitableTransitForAll. Transportation matters for lots of reasons.

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