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About Us

Bethlehem eBike is a local small business entirely devoted to repairing, maintaining, and building Light Electric Vehicles like eBikes, Scooters and Custom Creations. Unlike most other shops, we work on lots of brands. We get people mobile again.

ebike repair mechanic

Meet Chris.

I'm probably not your typical mechanic, but an eBike is not your typical bike. YET!

Passionate about transit, efficiency and people, I founded Bethlehem eBike to do what I love, as well as ensure that everyone has the opportunity to experience the same. If you haven't tried an electric bike, it can be positively transformational. At any age. Your opportunity to tap back into that same joy you had as a kid, with a little extra juice, for when you need it.


In a past life I taught high school science for 10 years. I love the ways that as humans, we can TEST our questions about the world. My approach as a certified electric vehicle technician is much the same. Identifying the root of the problem and/or understanding your needs is the first step. Once we're there, the optimal solution to repair or build out your eBike, scooter, or Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) naturally evolves. Sounds a little easier than it is sometimes. But, it works every time.


I know people use eBikes for all kinds of reasons. That is why I'll tackle repairs and custom builds that many shops can't and won't. My job is to get you back on the road - your terms.  So, from scooter tire repairs to designing and building the electrified transport machine of your dreams, let's all get back out there and enjoy the ride!

Blue Skies

Transit matters to everyone. For lots of reasons.

Yes, there's an eBike that is made just for you.

With electric bikes and scooters, it is critical to first take the time to understand what you need and want. From there, we do our best to offer affordable solutions that satisfy your needs as well as the options that cover your wants. Let's get the most for your budget!

We tackle any brand or type, eBike-wise.

This approach provides valuable insight and gives us "real-time" expertise for repair clients and prospective eBike buyers. Combined with our somewhat obsessional need to devise solutions that not only satisfy, but amaze and delight our customers, we got you covered.

Helping you green up your commute makes us happy.

We could talk all day about why cleaning up our act earth-wise matters, but instead let us just say it makes us feel good to know that our job is to get people mobilized, and greener.  For more on green transit matterrs visit

We believe passion is contagious and fun is mandatory.

Seriously. It's in those moments that we actually lose ourselves, that we find we are the most present, and maybe even laughing, out loud. There is something magical about riding your bike, choosing your path, and enjoying the ride along the way.

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